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Allocation of Pupil Premium

The school receives a sum of money from the government to support the education of students who are in receipt of free school meals (FSM) and those who have received FSM at any time during the previous 6 years. Funding is also allocated for children who are ‘looked after’ by a Local Authority (LAC).

The additional funding is given so that schools can support particular groups of students who could be at risk of underachieving and work to ensure that the attainment of these students is close to or matches that of their peers. The Primary Need of our students can have an impact upon attainment levels; however the students make good progress from their starting point.

Wightwick Hall School was in receipt of £18,710 for the year 2016-2017. 25% of our students were eligible for Pupil Premium support.

An analysis of the cohort of Pupil Premium students showed that they have a wide range of varied needs. The funding is used to support and develop every individual according to their needs to enable progress academically, socially and physically.

During 2016-2017 pupil premium funding was spent in the following ways to help raise attainment.

1:1 staffing£6,000
Additional staff support /bespoke curriculum/ small group teaching/
work experience support/ phased transition
Enrichment activities/ Leadership£2,600
Resources: IT software, dyslexia resources, sensory equipment£2,500
Behaviour support£1,500
Residentials /visits£1,200

KS3studentsPupil Premium=10NonPupilPremium=9
English:Students on or above target70%55%
Maths:Students on or above target80%66%
KS4 studentsPupilPremium=10NonPupilPremium=12
English: Students on or above target80%66%
Maths:Students on or above target70%83%

One KS4 student accessing pupil premium joined early in the academic year.

Areas for development include ensuring that:
• Strategies are reviewed to assess impact and value for money
• Differences in the needs and characteristics of pupil premium students are clearly understood and addressed so that rapid progress can be made
• CPD courses are reviewed and impact assessed
• Teaching staff are supported to ensure that strategies they are using in the classroom are effective in tackling underachievement