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Health and Safety

Wightwick Hall is striving towards a safe and caring working environment with a robust but common sense approach to Health and Safety.

Our current H&S policy is available as a PDF.

We recently asked our staff to fill in, anonymously, a Staffordshire 'Organisational Stress Survey', which featured questions on how demanding staff felt their roles were, how much control they had, how positive were they about their working relationships, how supported they felt, etc.

Based on 26 replies:

- Our staff at Wightwick have a strong sense of community; we communicate with each other and work well together.
- Our roles are defined and unambiguous with clear goals and objectives.

- We need to improve areas in staff flexibility and empower staff to improve their sense of being in control at work.
- We need to communicate more in regards to changes and help staff overcome these more efficiently.

These additional documents are currently awaiting review and adaptation by governors before formal adoption.

Health and Safety Welfare

Working at Height

Working at Home

Working alone

Stress policy

Work related stress assessment