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Physical Education Curriculum

Pupils at Wightwick Hall School will participate in a wide range of different sports and activities, therefore providing them with the skills and knowledge within a variety of areas. Pupils will be assessed within three areas of Physical Education: Physical, Effort and Life Skills. Physical Assessment will always be taken according to the curriculum map based on varied skill development. Pupilís effort will always be assessed along with varied life skills included within curriculum assessment.


Pupils will be assessed on physical skills relating to the following topic areas: Creative Movements, Fitness, Invasion Games, Net/Wall, Athletics, Striking and Fielding and Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS).


Pupils will be assessed on their efforts in each lesson and the amount of work that they put into the activities and tasks set within PE lessons.


Pupils will be assessed on various key life skills that will enhance their personal, emotional and social development: Communication, Reflection, Healthy Values, Literacy, and Decision Making.

Ultimately, the main goal is to develop physically literate individuals that have a love of learning and will participate within sport or physical activity for a lifetime. Understanding and developing the key values and life skills that will serve them for a lifetime throughout school and after they have move on into adulthood.