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Welcome to the Business & Enterprise Department

Enterprise Education consists of enterprise capability supported by better financial capability and economic and business understanding. Enterprise capability is the ability to be innovative, to be creative, to take risks and to manage them, to have a can-do attitude and the drive to make ideas happen. Enterprise capability is supported by financial capability which is the ability to manage one’s own finances and to become questioning and informed consumers of financial services and business and economic understanding is the ability to understand the business context and make informed choices between alternative uses of scarce resources.

Key Stage 3 Business and Enterprise

The content of Key Stage 3 centres on an appreciation of the tenets of being an entrepreneur and the key enterprise skills. Through a number of projects and activities the learners are engaged in the production, marketing and selling of a particular product. In addition to this they access the onsite Low Ropes course for team building and further skill development. Here students are given their first lessons in the continuous improvement cycle of planning, execution and reviewing. The team building activities brings out individual strengths and the groups realise that Together Everyone Achieves More Success!

Year 12

Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) Foundation

The LiFE Foundation programme is broken down into eight topics. Students can make their way through the topics at their own pace, slowly building on their financial knowledge and confidence. At the end of the topics, each student will receive a certificate of completion.

Money and income, Storing money safely, Spending and budgeting, Saving and selling, Borrowing, What is insurance, Fraud and scams, Where can we get financial advice.

Unit 1: 30 standalone multiple-choice questions (total marks 30), to be completed in 30 minutes

Year 12/13

Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) level 1/2 Certificate

The qualification will encourage you to:
• develop an understanding of the key content areas and how they relate to each other;
• use appropriate tools to manage a personal budget;
• make informed financial decisions;
• demonstrate numeracy skills, including the ability to manipulate financial and other numerical data

Unit 2: 44 standalone multiple-choice questions (total marks 44), to be completed in 45 minutes

Unit 3: 16 standalone multiple-choice questions and 2 case studies each with 5 associated questions (total marks 26), to be completed in 30 minutes